Our History

When Roskow started in 2009, independent financial advisers, Matt Ross and Neil Salkow were as rare as hen’s teeth.


Australians were googling independent financial advice and there were only fourteen, yes 14, of us in Australia.

In 2012, Matt was featured on ABC’s 730 report, highlighting some key changes to come to financial planning and legislation to better protect clients’ interests. As founding members of the Professional of Independent Financial Advisers, we have helped others turn independent (there are approximately 200 advisers now independent in Australia) and have grown a strong team.

Our Leadership team has grown to include Adriano Donato and Tom Barlow.

We’re now one of the largest independent financial advisory groups in Australia. We’re powered by independence with a mission to work with our clients to help them feel confident and reassured.

Watch the ABC’s 730 report video below from 2012. Back then we were called “Purists”. We thought of ourselves as Pioneers, leading the way we believed advice should be given.

Enjoy the video!