Implementation and Partnership

Once the Strategy Analysis is complete, we implement the necessary changes to help improve your financial position. The implementation covers the following seven key areas:

•    Wealth accumulation (investments, asset allocation, superannuation)
•    Wealth protection (personal insurance and business insurance, structuring)
•    Wealth distribution (estate planning, business succession planning)
•    Cash-flow (budgeting and cash-flow maps)
•    Retirement planning (pension strategies)
•    Taxation (structuring, income packaging)
•    Debt (interest rates, cash-flow)


After we’ve completed the Implementation service, we have two ongoing partnership services; the Private Client service and the Adviser Access service.

Each adviser in our firm has a limited number of clients to help you manage the ongoing complexities in your life and stay on track to achieve your goals. Our fixed agreed fee ranges depending on the level of complexity we believe will exist over the next 12 months.


For this fee we:

  • Meet with you every 12 months, 6 months or 3 months
  • Communicate with you via email and over the phone in between meetings to keep up to date with changes in your life
  • Work with your other trusted advisers (accountant, lawyer, brokers, property advocates)
  • Provide an end of financial year review after the Federal Budget in May
  • Handle all the paperwork
Which means:
  • You do not miss out on any opportunities to create wealth or minimise costs (like tax)
  • You stay focussed and on track
  • We stop you from making emotional decisions
  • You aren’t exposed to unnecessary risks
  • Your financial house remains organised
  • You remain confident, minimise financial stress and have peace of mind that the family is being taken care of
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