Our Team

Stephen Marguglio

Stephen Marguglio, in so many ways, represents our future.

He is an out and out High Achiever.  He is a Rising Star within the office, a natural Leader, Humble and hilarious.

Stephen is very disciplined which is inspiring but also disruptive within the office.  It is impossible to get him to eat birthday cake.  He just sits there and watches us all feel and look guilty.  Other than this, he’s perfect.

Steve has an incredible amount of knowledge about the 70’s and 80’s even though he was born in the 90’s.  We’re suspicious he’s a real life Benjamin Button.  He has a passion for green tea, eating well, his wife Alanna and the odd computer game.  He is an extremely popular member of our team.


  • Diploma of Financial Planning from Kaplan Professional
  • Advanced Diploma of Financial Services (Financial Planning) from Kaplan Professional
  • Graduate Diploma of Financial Planning from Kaplan Professional
  • Bachelor Degree of Health Science from Endeavour College of Natural Health










Matthew Ross

Director and Independent Financial Adviser

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