Who We Help

Our clients want us to create a professional financial plan and share the responsibility of managing the plan over time.

We want to work with anyone who wants to use money to live a better lifestyle, achieve specific goals and take care of the people they love and care about.

If you want to understand all the options available, take advantage of opportunities and  avoid unnecessary risks then we might be the right financial advice firm to help you make smart decisions with your money.

                   “The only thing that is constant is change”

.                                                      – Heraclitus

Our strategic financial plans get you on track and then show you where you need to be each year to stay on track to getting what you want in the future.

We only work with clients who understand the value of using a professional adviser, are fun to work with and for whom we can add substantial value.  The purpose of our first meeting is to determine if you like the way we think and for us to determine if we can add value.  You can read more about the Strategy Consultation here.

We are not like other financial planning firms who limit their services to high net worth clients. We recognise that truly independent financial advice is a rare commodity so have advisers who can assist clients with two ongoing partnership services; the Private Client service and the Adviser Access service.

Who we don’t help

We don’t do one night stands.

If you are seeking a one off bit of advice, help with a single transaction (insurance policy or investing a lump sum of money) or are not interested in reviewing your financial plan on a regular basis then we are probably not the right firm for you.

We have worked on this basis in the past and have not enjoyed this type of work nor do we see clients receiving the full value of what we do.

We also do not work on an hourly rate basis.   If you would like to know why, you can read our blog “Why we do not offer hourly rates”.