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Why Every High Achiever Needs A Financial Adviser


The greatest weakness of a high achiever, do you know what it is?

They expect too much of themselves. They are always pushing themselves to achieve more. It’s dangerous. At times, you’re a danger to yourself.

This reality dawned on me when I was out running on a Sunday morning recently.

I’m training for the Melbourne half-marathon in October and there are two things that I mentally and physically need to overcome. The first is being fast enough. I’ve set myself a goal of running the race in less than 105 minutes (average pace under 5 minutes per kilometre). The second is being strong enough; having enough strength in my legs to achieve this.

I try to focus my training on either speed or strength, but on this particular Sunday morning I was expecting myself to do both.

I set out to build strength and run 12km. Halfway through the run I saw a path that I’ve always wanted to run down. I was curious to see where it went. Every extra km builds strength so I challenged myself to do it; add an extra 2 or 3km’s and explore a new part of the Studley Park boulevard. I got distracted from my initial goal, but that’s okay, life is for living.

But then a few k’s later I noticed that I’d run each of the first 9 kilometres in under five minutes. So I challenged myself to stay under five minutes for each of the remaining 6km.

A few hundred metres later I felt an overwhelming sense of pressure and stress.

Why was I doing this to myself?

Why was I asking myself to do more?

Why? Because I was thinking positively. You can do anything if you put your mind to it, right?

Right then, at that moment, I told my brain to quieten down. I stopped listening to my brain and instead listened to my body which was feeling the stress. I slowed down and for the rest of my run I thought about my high achieving clients and the pressure they’re constantly putting themselves under.

Always expecting more

The problem with High Achievers is that they ignore the warning signs when it comes to limits. They’ve watched one too many Nike commercials.

The truth is there’s always a limit.

High achievers almost always say ‘yes’ because you think positively. Believing in yourself is what has led to your success, but at some point, you have to start to say ‘no’. We can’t say yes to everything. And we don’t have to.

I was able to pull my ego into check that morning. It was so stupid. I’m a business owner, I have eight employees who rely on me, 100 clients who trust me, a decent sized mortgage to repay, a 4 year old and 1 year old at home who needed my attention to give Mum a break — on a Sunday when I should be recharging my batteries — asking myself to go harder!?!

My body had hit its limit. If I asked it for more, anything could have happened (read stroke, heart attack, 41 years old isn’t too young anymore).

This is why High Achievers need a financial planner. 

Not to tell you how to invest your money. Not to arrange your insurance policy so you can afford to have that heart attack. No — the value is elsewhere.

The value is in reminding you of how well you’re doing. How everything is going to be fine if you just stay focused on the most important things.

To keep you heading in the right direction and not be distracted by the clock or what other runners in the race are doing.

To give you support and reassurance. To understand who you are, what’s important and make sure you’re doing everything financially to maximise the probability of achieving it.

To stop you from exposing yourself to unnecessary risks that just put more pressure on the entire system, on the family, for little or no reason.

To give support to your husband or wife who has probably been saying the same thing, but without a real plan in place, we don’t believe it.

The thing about High Achievers like you, is that you’re an opportunity magnet. You get stuff done, and people know this, so when they want to make something successful they come to you, because you’re a winner.

But often opportunities are distractions. This is where your financial adviser will do one of two things. Either tell you to ignore it because it’s a distraction or adds pressure or risk that doesn’t make sense right now; or alternatively gives it the green light (in partnership with your wife or husband) and tells you what you need to do to get yourself structured to take full advantage of the opportunity from a tax, cash-flow and financial perspective.

If you don’t have an adviser, the pressure and stress just builds and builds. This is why every genuine High Achiever needs a financial adviser, to provide direction, support and reassurance.

You’re going to be successful, but you’re also going to make life hard for yourself if you don’t have enough support. You risk burning out or making a costly mistake because you had far too much going on at once.

Finding an adviser who can assume this role in your life ten years ago was next to impossible, but things have changed in the financial planning space. There is a new breed of adviser who has the experience and entrepreneurial spirit that you can respect and work with. They’re out there but it can take a lot of time to find them.

If you’re looking for an adviser in Melbourne or Brisbane, pick up the phone and speak to one of our advisers; but if you’re in another city and are looking for an adviser like this, reach out to me and I can give you a few options to consider.