Our Values

The values below represents what our team expects of each other, each and every day.



Stretch yourself

Life is about growth. If you’re growing, you’ve got something you can give to others and that can create a sense of pride and purpose in your life and also empower those around you.

Embrace responsibility, accept challenges, reach for more in life, something deeper, richer and more meaningful…live your life with purpose.

Communicate even when it’s uncomfortable

We’re in the business of delivering greater certainty to our clients to ensure they can make confident decisions and therefore it’s crucial that we each take ownership of our own behaviour and communicate with each other with confidence.

Care, commit & collaborate

We aim to establish and maintain a relationship of respect, courtesy and trust with every member of team Roskow, treating each other as we would want to be treated. We don’t engage in the “3B’s” (Bickering, Back-stabbing, and Blaming). We remember that no one is perfect and that human errors are opportunities for improvement, not for shame or guilt, rather for forgiveness and growth. We understand that we all have “bad” days, and will offer support and kindness. We take great care of each other.  We work hard to maintain a culture which ensures that team members are never afraid to ask for help.  If others are in need of help, we recognise this and step up to the plate to offer our assistance. We make a special effort to encourage each other.  It is essential that each team member feels valued because this will leads to a greater contribution from each one of us which ultimately leads to us enjoying success together. We support and encourage each other.  We are a team.

Sweat the small stuff

Detail is critical. We are making very important decisions that affect people’s emotions, financial well-being and roadmap for the future. Precision involves conducting rigorous research, checking and peer-reviewing the numbers, formatting and underlying information leaving our offices and asking the right questions to obtain the most accurate information required.

We need to have a constant focus on precision so that we can be relied upon, be viewed as a professional and trusted resource, and for our own sake – so that we can be proud of the work that we do. Precision is noticing the little things that add up, being comprehensive and exact and being clear in our actions and the message that we are expressing – all of which are pertinent to harnessing the ideal client experience.

Be organised

Being organised is crucial with everything we do. This shows we care, have taken the time to plan, consider their individual/unique circumstances and importantly allows us to perform our role comprehensively meaning we perform and bodes well for the Roskow brand.

We want our clients to feel that they are our first client/meeting/call/e-mail for the day. This is what it means for clients for us to be organised. The alternative is not an option.

Being disorganised impacts all team members in the business. Workflow, communication, staff interactions/meetings all suffer if people are disorganised. Being organised will improve efficiency, performance and work environment all of which improves the bottom line for staff and Roskow.

In short it shows we care about the business, our clients, each other and take pride in what we do.

Celebrate success

Recognition of our achievements is important for our self-esteem and self-worth within the team and individually. We work hard and all have busy lives so it is important that we stop every now and then, take a breath, and celebrate the little wins along the way. Providing and receiving recognition helps to keep us motivated and gives us the hunger to achieve bigger and better things. 

Approach every situation with an open mind

We are open to new ideas. We embrace change. Failure is inevitable but we use it as a learning opportunity.  We grow from feedback. We are stubborn about our goal and flexible about our method.  Flexible mind, happier life

Persevere and be gritty

We have passion and perseverance for very long-term goals. We display stamina and work really hard to make our future a reality. We have incredible discipline and we focus our attention on things that matter.

Bring energy to the table.

When we come through the door for work, we switch on and are ready to attack the day with vigor and energy.  We make a special effort to ensure that our colleagues can feel our energy as it  promotes a strong working environment.  It also means that our clients, know we’re happy to be here and passionate about what we’re doing.

If we don’t bring the energy we are at risk of taking it from others.  We’re here to inspire, empower and motivate others – energy is a vital ingredient to achieve this.