Strategy Analysis

This is the heart and soul of what we do. We show you what is and isn’t possible, answer complicated questions and create the path to achieving what is important to you.


Strategy Analysis is financial modelling.  With so many options in front of you, it can be difficult to know which path to take. Having held a robust discussion in our Strategy Consultation, we have a deep understanding of your financial goals. In this service we create a range of different ‘Strategy Plans’ unique to you, to determine how to achieve your goals in the timeframe you have set and show you how using different strategies can add value.

Strategy Analysis answers questions such as:

  • When can you make work optional?
  • How much do you need to invest (and where) to get what you want in the future?
  • How much can you spend on your lifestyle each and every year and still achieve your goals?
  • What rate of return do you need to achieve on your investments and superannuation?
  • Which financial strategies are of value to you and why?
  • What do you need to focus on to make all this happen?

The outcome is a strategic plan and becomes the foundation for our working relationship. It ensures that you are doing everything you can to create wealth and reduce tax so that you can sit back and say:

“This path makes sense to us. We know what we need to do to achieve all our goals”.


 Strategy Consultation Advice & Implementation