Recommend A Friend

Most of our new clients are finding us after an introduction from an existing satisfied client.

Referring a friend, colleague or family member can remove a major hurdle to someone getting good advice and lower the burden of finding a trusted professional independent financial adviser.

We have found that clients with good intentions have given out our details to a friend and unfortunately this lead often goes nowhere because your friend doesn’t know us like you do and they don’t trust us (yet) like you do.

We have found the best way to refer us is to ask them for permission to provide us with their details and then for us to get in touch to start the conversation. Below is a simple form to complete for us to get in touch.

We welcome the opportunity to meet with people introduced to us. We don’t care how much someone has to invest. That’s not important. Having a growth mindset and being surrounded by complexity and challenges is important to us. Other advisers go after clients who have lump sums of money to invest. We’re after people with energy, drive and are fun to work with.


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