Our Team

Julie Girdler

Julie is our mother hen.  She keeps the boys in line, the girls in control and spirits high within the team.

Her background is Hispanic however when you see her desk and ability to stay organised you’d think she’s German.

She isn’t perfect, but her efficiency reduces stress and clutter in the office, saves time and money and improves the overall quality of the lives of everyone in the office.  We cannot do without her so have forbidden her from retiring until everyone else in the team can too.

Julie swears a lot, but in Spanish, which doesn’t bother anyone.  She enjoys drinking, eating, gardening and cheering on the Richmond Tigers (in that order).  Julie also has a secret stash of chocolates and lollies in the office which is affecting the health and safety of most team members.  This is under review.


Matthew Ross

Director and Independent Financial Adviser

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