Investment Philosophy

Our investment philosophy makes sense.


We understand that for you to have absolute confidence in our advice, our investment philosophy must make sense.

Our job is to ensure you have a successful investment experience which is easier said than done.  Investment markets are volatile, uncertain and unpredictable so it is important that our core beliefs make sense to you.

There is no value in stock picking or timing markets: We believe that prices are fair and quickly reflective of information and that there is little point stock picking or timing markets.

We trust scientists, not stargazers: The evidence shows that over 85% of active managers fail to beat the market and predicting which managers will be successful is a gamble in itself.  We do not have a black box or magic formula for outperforming markets indexes.  Instead, we rely on decades of scientific research into the expected returns that have compensated investors over the long haul.

Understand the dimensions of higher expected returns: A structured and scientific approach can help manage risk and capture higher expected returns by utilizing value company, smaller company, and other risk premium strategies when appropriate.

Create your portfolio based on how to achieve your goals:  We start with the strategy that gives you the highest probability of success with the lowest level of risk and if that doesn’t make sense we explore other options.