Investment Philosophy

Our investment philosophy makes sense.


We understand that for you to have absolute confidence in our advice, our investment philosophy must make sense.

We have developed a robust and compliant framework that maximises the probability of success and delivers a positive investment experience.

Our investment philosophy is based on three principles.

No forecasting: Our investment philosophy does not entertain forecasts of the future.  We don’t need to be able to predict the future to have a positive investment experience and evidence has proven repeatedly that most investors miss out on returns by trusting forecasters with their money.

Employ a scientific approach: We construct investment portfolios that are cost effective, highly diversified with an emphasis on higher expected returns.

Customised to you: Our recommendations are based on your goals, your expectations, your tolerance for risk, tax position and any preference you have towards property and/or ethical and sustainable investment options.

You can download our investment philosophy document here or read it below: