Independent Financial Advice

We believe in the value of independent financial advice

To feel comfortable advice is in your best interests, it has to be free of conflict of interests.

There are many financial planning firms that claim to be ‘independently owned’, but this does not mean they are truly independent financial advisers.

Roskow Independent Advisory is proudly 100% truly independent. This means we have no influence from or association with financial product providers. We do not accept commissions on any financial products, including insurance commissions. The only way we are paid is by you, our clients. It also means we are on your side and work only for you.

Working with an independent financial adviser helps clients feel confident and reassured about their financial future.

The Legal Definition of Independent Financial Advice

The Law states financial advisers can only call themselves “independent”, “unbiased” or “impartial” if they (and their associates) do not receive any of the following:

  • commissions (apart from commissions that are rebated in full to the person’s clients)
  • forms of remuneration calculated on the basis of the volume of business placed by the person with an issuer of a financial product
  • other gifts or benefits from an issuer of a financial product that may reasonably be expected to influence the person.

For those that love details – here’s a link to the source – section 923A of the Corporations Act 2001.

In plain English, to satisfy the law and call yourself ‘independent’ means you have to rebate or avoid all commissions, not charge fees based on a volume of product sold and have no affiliation or ownership with any product manufacturer that could lead to a conflict of interest or a perceived conflict of interest.

The only fees we receive are directly from our clients which means we work only for our clients. We rebate all commissions on insurance products which can save our clients thousands of dollars every year. That’s the value of truly independent financial advice!

We support the PIFA Gold Standard of Independent Financial Advice

Similar to the Heart Foundation’s “Tick” which guides Australians on healthier eating choices, the PIFA Gold Standard of Independence guides Australians on how to find financial advisers who practice without incentive and without conflicts. For the public, this symbol is a beacon for genuinely independent financial advice. This symbol is evidence they have satisfied the most stringent standard of independence in the profession.

Adriano Donato, Samuel Turrisi, Neil Salkow and Matthew Ross are Founding Members of the organization.

Roskow is proudly 100% independent and free of any conflicts of interest with no influence or association with any product providers or third-parties. We are now one of the largest truly independent financial adviser groups in Australia. So working with our financial advisers helps clients feel confident and reassured about their financial future.

To qualify as a PIFA Practising Member, advisers must satisfy these three criteria:

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