Client Stories

Our clients share their experience of getting independent financial advice, how they feel as a result, and why they continue to work with us. We love working with people just like this.

Written Testimonials

Michael, Melbourne

“Reaching out to Roskow and meeting and working closely with Adriano has given my wife and me absolute confidence and comfort about being as prepared as we can about our families financial future.”

Ann, Yapeen

“The key factor that distinguishes Matthew Ross from any other advisers we have contacted is that he is totally independent – that is, there is no conflict of interest in his advice because he is not aligned to any products, nor does he receive commissions. For these reasons his advice is highly valued by us.”

 Bob, Gold Coast

“Roskow are very approachable and empathetic advisers who I would highly recommend for someone needing advice on their full range of issues relating to the transition from full time work options. Their advice is clear and easy to understand and they provide you with clear explanations of the different options available to you and the reasons both for and against each option. They work with you to achieve your financial goals. Extremely highly recommended.”

 Gaveen, Doncaster, VIC

“Matt’s process considered my personal values as an important part of the planning process, an area that in my experience most financial planners put very little focus on.  The process Matt went through gave me great comfort that he understood what was important to me and what I was trying to achieve because he took the time to understand my personal values before suggesting any solutions.”

 Mahlon, Brisbane

‘Neil is very knowledgeable and competent. He is also very accessible and responsive to requests. He is actually proactive in looking after clients and seems to take a genuine interest in their financial success.”

Russell, Flemington

“Matt provides the right balance of contact and advises us on matters that concern our current situation in life. He makes things simple and keeps away from the jargon. I will and have recommended him to friends. We are attracted to Matt’s style of financial planning as we pay him directly and know that he doesn’t take commissions on what he recommends. This gives us peace of mind that our money is being placed in the right investments.”

Melissa, Melbourne

“The scenarios built by Matt following extensive discussions regarding my lifestyle and goals have proved invaluable. I would highly recommend engaging Roskow for independent financial services”.

Michael, Brisbane

“I tried self managing my investments but was unable to devote sufficient time. I contacted some advisers but found them overly focused on limited aspects of our financial health and mostly interested in those products that would generate the greatest commissions for them. I sought a fixed fee, independent adviser which led me to Neil. He took the time to identify our goals and requirements; he provides the comprehensive service and advice I was looking for across all aspects of our investments and financial health.”

Adrian, Melbourne

“We couldn’t be happier with the advice we have received from Adriano. He is honest in his assessment and makes you feel secure in this part of your life. I couldn’t recommend Adriano highly enough.”

Amelia, Melbourne

“Adriano took time to consider what is most important to us with regard to our financial goals and developed a plan which is customized to our lifestyle and risk tolerance. He is very thorough and helped give a clearer picture of where we can expect to be at various stages of our lives.”

Tim, Business Owner, Mosman NSW

“I have a much higher level of confidence with my financial plan working with Matt than I ever did with my previous advisers.  With everyone else, I drove them.  With Matt, he drives me.  This works for me because the intricacies of managing my finances are not my primary focus, and nor do I want them to be.  Quite frankly, I’d rather be sailing.”

 Craig, Melbourne

“Jason has built a structured and achievable plan which has helped to inform and focus our financial decision making. He is always focused on ensuring that our plan and decisions support our life goals, and the decision to give Roskow a call to meet with them was one of the best we’ve ever made.”

Katie, Gold Coast

“My husband and I have had nothing by exceptional service and support from Jason. He is always available, relays information to us in terms we understand and is totally transparent.”

George, ex-school teacher

“Finding someone I could trust was a big thing for me which is why I sought independent advice.  I appreciated the fact that I didn’t have anything thrust down my throat, that it was all plain talk that I could understand and believe.”

Lorance, Melbourne

“Adriano is great to work with. He listens and understands my situation or issues and is very helpful. He has high standards and is a professional that I trust. I would recommend him to anyone that needs a trustworthy and professional financial planner.”

Jason & Holle

“We no longer stress or are anxious about money.  We’ve been working with Matt for a while now and where we were, to where we are now, it’s a different ball park”

James and Victoria, Brisbane

“Neil has helped develop a financial plan tailored to our goals. He took time to understand our needs, and what was important to us rather than providing a generic plan. The independent nature of the advice given means that we are confident the products recommended are right for us, and are not chosen for Neil’s own financial gain. He has also taken time to explain the pros and cons of various approaches to us, and provided detailed information when required. We are very happy with Neil’s services.”

G, Melbourne

“Adriano provides truly independent tailored advice to help us on our journey. No products are pushed on us and no commission based investments. Just sound, practical and very useful advice. Highly recommend.”

Francesca, Melbourne

“After receiving an inheritance from my father, I spent quite a bit of time researching financial advisers as well as investment options. Adriano was the 4th adviser that I met with and with him, I finally felt that I had found someone who was going to help me to figure out how to best invest our money in a way that would not only honour my father but also help my family have greater financial security.”

Rebecca, Melbourne

“Adriano had become an integral part of our financial plan for now and our future, we trust him implicitly and value his advice immensely. He is exceptionally good at his job and we are lucky to have found him.”

Elizabeth, Melbourne

“I’m happy with the team relationship that Adriano is building with me. It’s the approach I always wanted with an advisor.”

Wayne, Community/Township Manager

“I have found Roskow to be exactly what we have needed to manage our financial matters.  I have appreciated the knowledge and accessibility of Matt.  The experience has been enjoyable.”

Ann, Brisbane

“Neil is the first financial planner that I have fully trusted. He looks at our whole financial situation and his advise is across the board. I feel we will be his client well into our retirement. Thank you Neil for being there for us.”

 Neven and Alexandra, Highett
“Matt has kindly but firmly led us through the complex maze of finance.  Having taken the time to understand our circumstances, he has assembled a team of professionals – lawyer, accountant, finance broker, property adviser – to help us work toward our life goals.  Matt makes us feel secure in the knowledge that  the various components of our financial strategy are in good order.  We value our relationship with Matt very highly and recommend Roskow Independent Advisory with no hesitation.”
Shaun, Melbourne

“Matt always places his clients interests 1st and is very customer focused at all times in providing credible advice in future and current planning, We have been a client of Matt’s for over 6 years now and previously struggled prior to find a independent financial advisor who was not interested in selling schemes with large commission kick backs . We would recommend Matt to anyone who was looking for honest , detailed , tailored financial advice.”

Claire, Melbourne

“From our first meeting with Adriano my husband and I felt confident that we were finally on the right track to achieve our financial goals. After drafting many detailed financial strategies, and settling on one we are confident and excited to achieve, Adriano restructured all our superannuation, insurance and debt, and has created investment strategies that do not compromise our lifestyle but ensure we can provide our children with a good education, and us, a comfortable retirement. He is very thorough, knowledgeable, personable and has your best interests at heart. We feel so fortunate to have Adriano looking after us.”

John, Melbourne

“Adriano has great knowledge a across broad range of financial advice areas. He and the Roskow team showed dedication in understanding our specific goals and then the diligence to ensure a solid plan was put in place.”

Rolf, Brisbane

“Neil and his team took time to listen and understand what our concerns were. The strategy he developed and helped us implement have given us both confidence in the direction our financial future is taking. Neil has always been professional, approachable and most importantly not afraid to challenge our thinking and make suggestions.”

Kelly, Brisbane

“First class independent financial adviser working within a firm you can trust. Neil is real, raw, genuine and at the forefront of his field in offering truly independent advice.”