Three questions to help you define your direction in 2018

For many Leaders and Shooting Stars (see our website for the definition of these terms) the Xmas break is a chance to reflect.  Reflect on what was achieved in 2017 and focus on the goals, ambitions, and dreams which remain unfulfilled for capturing in 2018 and beyond.

The three questions that follow (as far as I know) were created by George Kinder, a financial planner/poet/spiritual teacher from the USA.  They are worth pondering over the next few weeks to help you set goals for 2018.

The beauty of the questions is in the time frames.  It starts off with a sense of infinity, no boundaries about what this life might have ahead.  Then we focus on the next 5 to ten years and finally the last question is very confronting.  It really gets you to focus on the six inches in front of your face (and no I’m not referring to your mobile phone, I’m referring to this video!).

Question One: Imagine that you are financially secure, that you have enough money to take care of everything, now and in the future…What would you change?  How would you live your life? What would you do with the money? Describe a life that is complete, that is richly yours.

Question Two: This time, you visit your doctor who tells you that you have five to ten years left to live. The good part is that you won’t ever feel sick. The bad news is that you will have no notice of the moment of your death. What will you do in the time you have remaining to live? Will you change your life, if so how?

Question Three: This time, your doctor shocks you with the news that you have only one day left to live. Ask yourself: What dreams will be left unfulfilled? What do I wish I had finished? What do I wish I had done? What did I miss?  Who did I not get to be?   And on a more positive note…what do I feel proud of?

Once you have your list of goals, if you’re not sure what is and isn’t possible or need answers to complicated questions, make contact because we specialize in providing clear direction to our clients through our Strategy Analysis service.

Matthew Ross

Director and Independent Financial Adviser