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Ego is the enemy

I’ve recently returned to practice Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, a technical martial art focussing on grappling and ground fighting. There are a lot of lessons to be learned practising this art, the biggest I believe is that ego is the enemy. Being a white belt, I’m rolling against blue and purple belts who are more experienced and I pretty much get… Read More

168 hours in a week – which hour takes priority?

I was at a conference recently and the concept of ‘priorities’ came up.  The speaker, Gary Bertwistle, jumped all over the word ‘priorities’ in a flash.  He said you cannot have priorities.  You can only have a priority.  If you have priorities, nothing is a priority which is why nothing ever gets done. This came… Read More

Staying focused for success

This morning as I sat down waiting for my train, I noticed a man walking towards me, eyes glued to his phone. I could see he intended to walk over and lean against a pole. It all happened in slow motion – as he continued to gaze at his phone, he walked head first into… Read More